Marie Madeleine Gautier




Only Marie-Madeleine finds it perfectly natural to have been born, in 1956, in her grandfather's
windmill. Just as natural as the move from kindergarten's plasticine to that of the Beaux-Arts de Paris where her teachers encouraged her vocation to be a sculptress.
This is not a profession worridly aired her family. It however became hers.
It is now twenty years that with the same talent she portrays daily life, family, animals, excursions,
life at the furnace, in short, all that surrounds her. The style sometimes changes, but not
the essence : the moment of pleasure and the tenderness. The moment of pleasure : peacefuk walks along the riverside and their meetings. 

Tenderness: the young cheeky girl who we expect in a few seconds to stretch out those arms
so obstinately crossed with a burst of laughter...
But pleasure and tenderness often come together in daily life, whether we are capturing the moment one's children are playing calmly (for once?) or whether it's the hippopotamus, placid and massive on his short legs, so perfectly portrayed...
And then, of course, travel, a great source of inspiration, like Venice, so often explored in all directions, drawn by day and by night. Or else the Far East, the genuine one, far away from tourist coaches and hotel-clubs, getting to know its people, their smiles, their cooking, their dances...